Check-In: Supported Printers, Drivers, and Labels

Find a supported printer your organization is comfortable using that meets the price point and functionality needed to run Check-In well. Then, configure with the proper label type and drivers.

Warning: Check-In label printing will NOT work with Chomebooks (Chrome OS computers)


Supported Printers

  • Brother QL-700 / QL-710W / QL-720NW
  • Brother QL-800 / QL-810W / QL-820NWB (*Bluetooth on this model not supported by ChMS)
  • Dymo 450
  • GoDex DT4 and DT4x


Pro Tip: Brother Wireless Printers are recommended; in particular, the QL-810W. Here's why:

  • ONLY the 810W or 820nwb will work with the iPad Check-In App (iOS). (An iPad only connects to a WiFi enabled printer).
  • It includes a label cutter, rather than perforated tear-away style labels, which tend to get mis-aligned when pulled too hard.
  • The 810W costs less than the 820nwb. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: A requirement for Brother printers is the continuous length label roll - item number DK-2205

*(When purchasing a new Brother Printer, the labels included in the box are not DK-2205. The correct labels must be purchased separately).


Label Printer Drivers

To print labels you must install the correct Label Printer Drivers.

Click on your Printer Model (below) to find the most up to date driver.

Note: Should you need them, We've also included links to our Check-In Apps or other required downloads at the end of this page). 



(DK-2205 Label Type)

QL-800QL-810wQL-820nwb (*Bluetooth on this model not supported by ChMS)
QL-700, QL-710w, QL-720nw


(30857 Badge Label Type)

450, 450 Turbo


(Includes the wired and wireless versions)

DT4, DT4x

Citizen CMP-30LBTIU

A Citizen CMP-30LBTIU Bluetooth printer connected via Bluetooth combined with the iOS Check-in app is used to print labels on the go. Use cases would be a roaming attendant in the parking lot or at an entrance.

The following settings are required (available in the Citizen printer utility) for the Citizen printer in order for it to work with the Check-in app:

  • Printer Connection Settings
    • Port; USB, BaudRate: 19200, Data Bits: 8, Parity: NONE, Stop Bits: 1, Flow Control: DTR/DSR
    • Click Open Port, Save Serial Port Configuration
  • Emulation Settings
    • Click Set ESC/POST
  • Click Start Bluetooth Settings
    • Discoverable Mode Information: ON
    • Click Save Discoverable Mode
    • iOS Connection Settings: Enable auto connection
    • Click Ok to save all settings

Configure Check-in Settings in your ChMS database

Normally, iPad check-in (via the check-in app) does not require choosing a check-in station. If no check-in station is chosen the user will be able to check into any group that allows check-in. If a check-in station is set then the app will honor all normal settings (i.e. only allow members to check into groups they are a member of, restricting check-in to groups with a certain property, etc.) Additionally, it is advised that there be a Station for each mobile device, especially when using Android devices.


Check-In Software Downloads:

To use Check-In with Label-Printing, you can use one of three below check-in options. (While all work well, we typically recommend one of the first two options for the easiest setup). 

  • Desktop Check-In App 
    • Best for Mac/Windows laptops, desktops, or Windows Tablets
  • iPad App
    • Requires a Brother Printer with Wireless capability (models 710W, 810W, 720WB, 820WB)
  • Browser-Based Check-In
    • Requires the latest version of Java


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