Background Check with Group Orders

New updates to our Background Check Integration are here!

Here are a few features you can expect to see:

  • Group background check orders
  • A simplified order process
  • A customizable candidate email
  • Secure settings
  • Improved Background Check Report



Group Background Check Orders 

While the ways to order a Background Check for an individual have remained the same, you now can order Background Checks for many individuals or entire groups all at once!

  • For Group Orders: Go to the Group Member List and select all or selected members for any Group. Then under the tri-dot, select "Order Background Check." 

Pro-Tip: It is important to note that an email address is required for each background check candidate. 



The streamlined order process includes just the specific package options your ministry has identified as most relevant. Contact Protect My Ministry (PMM) at to review your account and add recommended options.


A customizable candidate email can be used for specific instructions or to link to more detailed information, such as your ministry's child safety policy.



Secure settings allow each church to access Protect My Ministry background checks through an API Key.  Protect My Ministry will provide {{LABEL_NAME}} with an API Key unique to your church, which will allow the new integration to function.  Contact them at for more API key information.   


Note: As part of the security enhancements with this upgrade, indiviudals must complete the new background check form themselves. (In other words, you cannot collect their private information like social security number and submit it for them). If this is a concern for your ministry, click here to learn more.







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