View a Background Check in a Group

The Background Check viewing functionality has also been added to Groups. The following steps guide you through viewing the Background Check dates functionality for a Group.

1. Select the Groups option from the Navigation menu.

Group List Navigation

2. Click on the Group name to view the members from the list.

Group names

3. Click the Fields pull-down button on the right. Scroll down and then check the Background Check box.

Fields button

4. Notice that a Background Check column is displayed. If a background check has been submitted, the date of the submission is listed. This is a quick way to identify individuals in a group that need a background check processed. Click the Date link displayed under the Background Check column.

Background check column

5. After clicking the Date link, notice the Background Check Details window appears

Background check details

When you are finished viewing the Background Check Details, click the Cancel ) icon in the upper right-hand corner.

Do NOT click the "Delete" button unless you want to permanently remove this Background Check.


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