Visitors and Attendance

When recording attendance, it can be helpful to be able to add visitors quickly and easily. This can create a better avenue for follow-up with that guest for you and your team.

To ensure this option is available, Groups that are having their attendance taken Must have the "Track Individual Attendance" box checked within the group settings. 

  • There are 2 types of visitors that can be added to a session:
    • Those that are already stored as full individual profiles in your database.
    • Those that are stored as Visitor Records (first and last name only records).

Any type of record can be added to any session as a visitor. If an individual does not already have a full profile, he/she can be added as a Visitor Record and later converted to a regular individual.

  • To add a visitor to a session, Click Add Visitor, at the bottom of your session list.


  • Then, search for the visitor by using part/all of their first and/or last name(s). If there is no match, click Add an individual not in the list.


  • You will be given the option to Create a Full Record or Create a Visitor. If you would like to build a full record for the individual select that and click Next. You will then be able to enter all of the information you have for that individual and they will be saved as an individual in your system. If you would like to input them as a visitor, select that option and click Next.


  • Enter their first and last names into the popup and click, Save. The visitor has been added to the session, and he/she will now be able to be chosen in future sessions. Their name with have (Visitor) next to it wherever it appears.

  • You can now add additional visitors. Individuals that have been added to the system who are not visitors will not have (Visitor) next to their names.

Note the presence of regular individuals and a visitor.



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