Adding Multiple Individuals to a Group at Once

There are multiple ways to add multiple individuals to a group at once: 

1) If you are looking to create a new group as a result of an advanced search (such as age), click Individuals --> Advanced, choose your specifics, then click the three dot icon --> Add to Group.



If a group for the results does not already exist, you will choose, "Add a New Group". Once you add the new group name, you can add your results to it by clicking, "OK".



2) If you would like to move or add multiple individuals from one group to another, click Groups --> List. Check the box to the left of the Group you’d like to work with, click the three dot icon and choose one of the following options: 

Add or Remove from Group” – “Add” is similar to copy and paste; the individuals will stay in their current group and will also be added to the new group you choose. “Remove” deletes the individuals in the group you are working from.



Once you choose, “Add or Remove from Groups,” you have the option to choose from your existing groups or create a new one. 



If you would like to utilize the “Move to Group” option (similar to cut and paste), you will need to click Groups --> List, and click on the group’s name to view its members. 

From there, check the box to the left of, “First Name” to select all individuals in the group. Click the three dot icon and choose, “Move to Group.” This will allow you to remove the individuals from the group you’re in to another group. 



3) To create a new group of individuals based on the results of a report (Giving, Attendance, etc), you will simply run the report, and upon completion click the gear icon and choose, “Add or Remove from Groups."

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