Setup Mobile App Giving

Within the app, the Giving module is where your community can easily donate using the Giving Form(s) that you create! Setup is just a few steps!




(1) Re-name the Giving Module (optional)

You can rename Giving to something that better matches your organization's vernacular, such as "Donate, Give, or Offering." The name you choose will appear in your Mobile App menu (seen below in the "bottom menu" style). 


To change the name, select the Edit icon to the right of NAME IN MENU. (Note: 12 character maximum).


(2) Select your Primary Giving Form:

From the Giving Form dropdown menu, select the Giving form you'd like to appear. Typically, this is the same form you use for Digital Giving on your website.

Note: If you're just getting started with our Giving Software, we've pre-created a Giving form for you titled "Give Now."



Can't find your giving form? Here's a possible why:
Make sure the Form is categorized as General Donation in Form Properties.

To do so, open Amplify People or Giving, select Forms then find and select your Giving Form in the list provided. At the bottom of the Form Editor select Form Properties. On the screen that appears, scroll to the bottom until you see the Categories Heading (below). Ensure General Donation is selected. 



(3) Configure which Tabs Appear

There are 4 unique Tabs that can appear within the Giving Module. Each has a different purpose and can be renamed as needed.



Giving Tab:

This tab always appears and will display the Giving Form you've selected in step two.

Common naming suggestions are "Give, Donate," or another name that fits your ministry's vernacular.


History Tab:

This tab always appears and will display a donor's past donations.

Note: if integration with Amplify People is enabled, both online & offline donations will appear here. 


Special Donations Tab:

When you toggle "on" the Special Donations Tab, it adds a third tab to the Giving module. This tab provides an easy way to highlight forms dedicated to specific giving initiatives.

Pro-Tip: Create a 'cause-based' form and rename the Special Donations Tab to match. This is a tremendous way to rally your community around any initiative important to your ministry, such as building campaigns, disaster relief, missions, and more! Example below!



Note: For a form to display under the Special Donations Tab, it must be categorized as Special Donations in Form Properties (below). 




Scheduled Gifts Tab:

When you toggle "on" the Scheduled Gifts Tab, it adds a section where a donor can easily manage their recurring gifts or fulfill any partial payments they've made - right within your App!

We recommend enabling this tab to make recurring gift management easy!

Scheduled Gifts Toggle.png







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