Mobile App Contact Module

The Contact Module is a great tool to collect information from your community. It can display either one or two forms you've already created in the Form Builder. 




Pro-Tip: While our default naming conventions are Contact and Prayer, don't let that limit your imagination.

Since you can customize the module and tab names, this module can meet many unique needs, such as ministry involvement sign-up, opting into email lists, or even just a simple menu item named "Prayer" with a single prayer form. The sky's the limit!


Name in Navigation

Like other modules, you can customize the display name for Contact by selecting the pencil icon, then changing the name to something of your choice (ex: "Get In Touch"). Note: 12-character limit.




Select your Forms

In the Contact Form drop-down menu, select the form you'd like to appear in the first tab of the Contact module. Underneath, you can also customize the Contact Tab Title Text (see the red arrow below).




NOTE: For a form to be selectable in the Contact Module, it must be assigned the category of "Contact Form" in the Form Manager. If the form you're looking for does not appear, go into the Forms Manager, select your Form, then click Form Properties. Double check the "Contact Form" category is applied (below).




You can then enable or disable the Prayer Request Tab using the provided toggle button. From the drop-down menu that appears, select the form you'd like to display.

Underneath, you can also customize the Prayer Request Title Text (see the red arrow below).





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