Mobile App Directory

Display the Amplify People Directory within your Mobile App and allow your members to easily search, find, and connect with each other. In general, the four most helpful areas of the Directory are (pictured below):

  1. Name Search
  2. View contact Information
  3. View family members
  4. Add a person to your contact list (not shown)




Note: Directory Settings and Permissions are setup and managed within Amplify People. However, members can easily manage what information they want to display right within your Mobile App! See Profile Visibility.

Enable the Directory

If you haven't already, please complete these prerequisites first.

In the sidebar menu, expand Modules, select Enable Modules, and toggle on the People Module (below).




Now, click on People in the sidebar menu and toggle on the Directory. If desired, you can change the in-app menu item name from "People" to "Directory" or something similar using the Edit pencil icon. 



After adding these changes, don't forget to click Publish to take your changes live!

Additional notes for consideration …

  • Any Profile Visibility settings for specific Profile items can affect what displays, depending on the viewer's permissions.
  • Remember that individuals not within your selected Directory Group will not have access to the Directory. Therefore, the "People" option may not display before the user has logged in.






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