Mobile App Discover Module

The Discover module will display one featured media resource (ex: your most recent sermon or a welcome video) as well as a list of forms for event registration as well as other purposes. 

Pro-Tip: Many organizations set the Discover module to load first when their mobile app opens. This way, they can highlight important items immediately.



Setup & Configuration:



Re-name the Discover Module (optional)

Like other modules, you can customize the display name for Discover by selecting the pencil icon, then changing the name to something of your choice (ex: "Welcome" or "What's Up?"). Note: 12-character limit.



Add a Featured Media Resource

Toggle on the Featured Sermon button and select a media resource, whether the most recent from your Sermons module or a selected resource from the available list. 




Note: The media resource you select "pulls" from the same media source you've configured in the Sermons Module. If you've not set up a media source here, you'll need to do so first. For more, see Mobile App: Sermons & Media Setup


Enable Event Forms

Toggle on the Events button to display any form categorized as an "Event" form (shown above).

Note: Like in the Events module, the event forms that display must be given the category Event Registration in the Forms Manager. If an event is not appearing, open the Forms Manager, select your form, click Form Properties, and scroll down the Categories heading (screenshot below). While a date is not required for an event form, it is suggested for ordering your events by date.



Pro-Tip: Be creative! While the category name is "Event," don't let the category name limit your imagination!

Many organizations highlight forms here for visitor welcome, online attendance, fundraising, or even forms that link to your website or another web resource - such as our "Digital Bulletin" example above.

Again, as long as the form is assigned the Event Registration category, it can appear here!




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