Mobile App Events Module


Use the Events module to display unique forms you've created for Event Registration and more.

Pro-Tip: As long as a form is assigned the "Event Registration" category, it will appear in this module. That makes Events extremely versatile for forms well beyond Events registration purposes.

For example, you might include forms for small group sign-up, communication opt-in lists, or even informative forms used to describe the upcoming sermon and link to sermon notes!).




Setup & Configuration:



Re-name the Events Module (optional)

Like other modules, you can customize the display name for Events by selecting the Pencil icon, then changing the name to something of your choice (ex: "Coming Soon" or "What's Up?"). Note: 12-character limit.




Configure how your Forms Display

If you'd like to highlight a single event form at the top of the Events module, Toggle on the Featured Event button, then use the Display Preference Dropdown to select which event you would like to highlight. 




Grid vs. List Layout:

Use the Grid Layout Toggle button (above) to select if you'd like your forms to appear in list view (lower left) or grid view (lower right).




Note: Again, forms that display must be given the category Event Registration in the Forms Manager. If an event is not appearing, open the Forms Manager, select your form, click Form Properties, and scroll down the Categories heading (screenshot below). While a date is not required for an event form, it is suggested for ordering your events by date.




My Events Tab:

Within the Events module, the My Events Tab will display any events an individual has signed up for. (If a person's anything like me, this is super helpful when you forget if you actually remembered to sign up for something or not :) 



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