Mobile App Sermons & Media

Your Mobile App will dynamically import sermons or media from an outside source, saving you the double work of uploading media in two places. Setup is just a few simple steps! 


Sermons module page


(1) Re-name the Sermons Module (optional)

You can rename Sermons to something that better matches your organization's vernacular or purpose, such as "Media." To change the name, select the Edit icon to the right of NAME IN MENU. (Note: 12 character maximum).




The name you choose will appear in your Mobile App menu (seen below in the "Tiled" Menu style). 





(2) Select & Configure Your Media Source

The Sermons Module will dynamically import media from just one of four popular media hosts.

Clover Sites

To import media from your Clover website, simply insert your Username and Password, then press Connect.




Note: To have an image appear next to each media resource, make sure to set a podcast image for your sermon in Clover.

Looking for a Website Upgrade? Clover Websites is a robust, yet super-simple website builder integrated with our solutions. Learn more about Clover!



If your ministry posts videos of your messages, you can share them by copying your YouTube Channel URL, pasting it into the Import Tool and pressing Connect.

How to find your YouTube Channel URL


Similar to YouTube, you can share video content hosted by Vimeo. To do so, Vimeo requires that you authenticate your Mobile App with their services. Click Connect and follow the steps below.

  1. After you click Connect, click the Take Me to Vimeo on the screen that appears (step 1).
  2. Click Allow on the Vimeo Access Authorization page (step 2).
  3. Select if you want to display All Uploaded Videos or a Specific Collection of videos from within your Vimeo account (step 3).




Most any 3rd party audio or video software provides an RSS feed to share your media. To import from an existing podcast or RSS Feed, copy and paste the Feed URL into the field and press Connect.

If you are not familiar with RSS feeds, check out the following helpful information.

About RSS Feeds

Validate Your Feed

Our recommended feed validator tool to troubleshoot a feed is from (


Note: If you use the Ekklesia360 website platform, import your sermon Audio and Video through the podcast option. (Information About Feeds with Ekklesia)


(3) Choose How Your Sermons Display

"Featured Sermon" Toggle


When Featured Sermon is toggled on, you can choose to display one media resource at the top of the Sermons module (example below). You can Auto Update with the Latest Sermon (*recommended) or select a specific media resource from your imported library. 






How many sermons will display in the App?

This depends on the services used. A list of the number of sermons displayed is as follows

  •   YouTube → 15
  •   Vimeo → 25
  •   Clover integration and Podcasts → 100+


Can I link more than one Media source in the App? For example a podcast and also a Vimeo or YouTube channel?

At this time only one source of media can be used. The most flexible option in the choices available is the Podcast source because it allows the linking of multiple media types. This typically comes from a website or hosting platform that links all the media into the podcast feed.


If I live stream through YouTube or Vimeo, will my live stream appear in my Mobile App?

No. Only past videos that you have uploaded to your YouTube or Vimeo libraries will display.

Currently, we integrate with to display a live streaming player within your Mobile App. Learn More...


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